We offer a wide range of Training


We deliver cost effective training in abroad range of web, office and other IT sectors.

Training, to be relevant and effective, has to be designed around the real needs of the business. We believe focused and effective training lies at the heart of business and personal success. Computer training should be regarded as a fundamental requirement. Whether it be using the internet efficiently or getting the best out of software applications, well designed and delivered training can transform your own and your staff’s efficiency.

Training for Businesses

Everyone agrees a business’s main asset is its people. Are you getting the best you can from your people?

It has been calculated that the average Word user uses as little as 5% of the available features of the programme

A well trained workforce is a competent workforce, a productive workforce and above all else a profitable workforce

Money spent on training is too often seen as an avoidable expense instead of a profitable investment and productivity booster. Money spent on training directly improves your own and your company’s efficiency and thus will generate savings in the medium to long term

It is crucial however that the training is well designed and implemented. It needs to meet the needs of the user. Too often training misses its intended target particularly underestimating user competence or covering facets irrelevant to the user’s role. We offer over 10 years experience in delivering well designed, specific and highly relevant training. We concentrate on the core areas where we have expertise. We focus the training on your precise needs and we constantly review and update our training content to meet changes in technology and the changing needs of you and your business.

Training for Individuals

The majority of British homes now have at least one computer, so whether it be to improve your work performance or potential or just to improve your personal skills, training can open your eyes to a whole world of possibilities

Our training includes beginner or intermediate packages in each of the following:

    • Understanding, using and customising Windows Operating Systems
    • Using Microsoft Office (all versions)including:
        • Word

      • Excel
      • Outlook
      • Access
      • Powerpoint
      • One Note
      • Publisher
    • Professional email services using your domain or any other domain of choice including nderstanding using and configuring Email
    • Accessing and using the Internet as a powerful tool
    • Unlocking the power of Outlook as a Client Relationship Management and marketing tool
    • Understanding and using the power of Mail Merges in Word or opensource software
    • Installing and discovering the power of open source office software
    • How to maximise your usage of Case Management or Customer Relationship Management software

Office Training

We offer training in every flavour of Miscrosoft Word but in particular we specialise in Word, Excel and Access.

Case Management

How many of those with Case Management Systems actually use them fully or properly – the answer is very few indeed. Training yourself or your staff to get the best from your Case Management software can quickly pay dividneds in increased productivity and efficiency.